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Life happens. One of my models is undergoing severe cancer treatment. She is still very young (like that would make any difference), just married, with 2 beautiful and amazing sons.

Chemo is taking quite a bit from her, and as she is self-employed, the every day survival is getting difficult.

Last year, when I was severely ill and could not work for a long time, Stock sales carried me through very hard times.

Therefore a few of my models and I decided to do the following:

We donate proceeds from certain images and models work for free towards the Cancer Treatment fund for the model in treatment.

All the images of this model, as well as in near future, other willing models, are going towards the Cancer Treatment fund.

Thank you to all who has already purchased from this series.


Photo credits: Luba V Nel.

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July 25, 2008


hi, thank you so much for taking time and posting your response! I feel so helpless when I see all the bad things happening around me - and nobody is immune to hardship. Like you say - we can pray and hope. The model has the most amazing spirit - she is optimistic and looking forward to her recovery - I see it as the main step towards a healthy life.

Thank you once again for your kind words


July 25, 2008


i am so sorry to hear about this.. my father had cancer and was blessed to have never been sick throughout his chemo. it did damage his heart though.

i pray that since she is young it will give her more resistance to damage from the chemo and that it will be effective and rid her body of this terrible cancer.

i also pray your efforts will be multiplied. i have seen your photography since i began here at dreamstime and am always amazed at the results you are able to get with your close ups with the models. they are amazing images.

your model is indeed blessed to have you and the other models to stand with her during this trying time.

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