Canon EF 100mm f/2.8L IS USM Evaluation!

Recently the opportunity to try a look at the camera, talking about some experience.


1, red circle "L" head to work, no doubt, anti-rain and dust effects are all good, of course, right from this price.

2, ultrasonic focus very fast and quiet, from 1:1 macro mode to the normal shooting mode, press the shutter the moment to focus successfully, without hesitation.

3, after a home sweep the streets Bund still life photography and film, found that 2.8 is available aperture aperture aperture sharpness high, 9 blade circular aperture, bokeh soft and beautiful;

4, weighs 625 grams, with the 5d body very easily (with 50d should feel very good), just before and after the weight, feel comfortable, not tired, take a long time;

5, hood using the latest technology in matt black velvet matte, more than the original hood to wear, materials, textures look better (and I very much like the previous 24-70 of the hood, to buy back wear the first day);

6, the lens highly evolved structure, the structure were 12 group 15, which contains one pair of good compensation for chromatic aberration effect UD (ultra low dispersion) lens. Optimization of the lens position and the coating can effectively suppress ghosting and flare production. This is one reason why 2.8 is available.

of course, the biggest selling point of this lens is equipped with a macro photography can play good results when the dual IS image stabilizer. Dual IS image stabilizer capable of macro photography and other close-in shooting a great impact on the "translation jitter" (the direction perpendicular to the optical axis jitter) in compensation, and can occur under ordinary circumstances, "tilt jitter" with play a high hand shake compensation effect. Therefore, "EF 100mm f/2.8L IS USM Macro" shooting distance can be achieved under the usual four shutter speed roughly equivalent to the hand shake compensation effect, and in general very difficult to play hand-shake compensation effect of the macro body photography, they can play with good results. When the magnification is 0.5 times, can get about the equivalent of 3, when the magnification for the other times (1 times), can be equivalent to two shutter speed about the hand shake compensation effect.

In the actual filming, I can obviously feel, 4 files Stabilization works well, I usually shoot at home 1 / 10 seconds can not shake.


1, the price is slightly higher (if they can control the five thousand dollars, then perfect);

2, Dual Image Stabilization in 1:1 only down two steps, it is proposed that a small still life like making friends or use tripod color, and can not be fooled by files down 4 ah ~

3, if a tripod ring again Complimentary so much the better ~ (Macro shooting is required)

4, the other I still really can not think of this lens Yousha bad. . . . .

Photo credits: Zhang Haitao.


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