Canon Rebel XT 350D dirty viewfinder problems......

Ok so im looking for some advise from you guys...heres the deal..........i have a canon rebel xt 350D and i thought it used to take clearer pics........the other day i had it cleaned at a local camera shot and the guy did it for free.....he said my sensor was dirty and he blew out my camera with some air and the pics seemed better without the sensor spots in the pictures.

Now i have noticed that when i look through the viewfinder some of the AF points seem to not be clear when they lock on for focus....they look blurry when they light up.

So I have been trying real hard to read up on this and i cant find the answer. I have been told that the dirt i see in the viewfinder doesnt effect the shots but is that true? I just dont get real crisp pictures now..................does anyone know anything about this???? I NEED HELP! ha ha..........even when i use the automatic settings like A-dep they still dont look clear and the scene is out of focus............

hope someone can help me out with this...thanks for reading.

Photo credits: Fritzkocher.


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June 06, 2008


I may be still a bit confused in what you are saying. But how sharp or blurry the AF points are ( the black boxes and the red lights in the viewfinder ) have no affect on the camera's focus. The black boxes are just markings on the viewfinder screen. If the photos don't look as sharp as before, the likelihood is your camera is of it's calibration which doesn't depend on those markings. I'm sorry I couldn't be of more help.

June 05, 2008


True, a blurry viewfinder doesn't affect the camera's ability to focus. So if you are using autofocus, than the photo should be in focus when viewed on your computer even though the viewfinder is blurry. If you manual focus however, the a blurry viewfinder will affect the focus of your photo. If you are using autofocus, and the jpeg is still out of focus. The likelihood is the camera or lens is out of calibration. To test this theory: 1) Make sure your dioptric adjustment it correct. 2) Take a photo with manual focus. If you manual focus on the subject and the viewfinder is clear and the jpeg turns out clear, likely your camera or lens is out of calibration and needs to be recalibrated.

June 05, 2008


The likelihood it's not your viewfinder that is dirty causing your view to be blurry. It's likely that the diopter adjustment on your viewfinder might have been adjusted by accident. This can even occur when you take your camera in and out of your camera bag. The dioptric adjustment is to the right of the view finder. It kinda looks like the scroll wheel on a computer mouse. On that adjustment there is a thicker horizontal line that indicates the zero point.
As shown in the top right corner of the viewfinder of this photo. I hope that fixes your problem.

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