Canyangshan, a fantastic temple over a steep canyon in Hebei

© Nniud
In Hebei province, close to the city of Shijiazhuang, there's a picturesque Buddhist temple, almost carved in the mountains, balanced over narrow bridges overlooking steep stonewalls of ancient canyons.

The scenery is just great: silent mountains, forgotten wooden temples, peaceful paths in the nature. Once it must have been a place of high spiritual value and incredible beauty.

Here was shot the very last scene of Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon, when Zhang Ziyi finally at peace jumps off the balcony of a temple (supposedly in Wudan Shan) flying through the mist flanked by woods and forests (the mountain setting of the movie is actually Huang Shan).

To get there, get an early train from Beijing West (T trains, the fast ones, leave at 630am and arrive in Shijiazhuang at 830). Exit the train station and cross the big square, head to the hotel opposite to the station and ask the reception to hire a car and driver for a day. The woman there was very helpful. Get a car, it will cost 400RMB for the whole day, or find buses directed to Jingxin, from where one bus arrives to Canyangshan. It's 2 hours by car from Shijiazhuang and 3 by bus. The climb of the mountain is a steep stair 40 minutes long. Then it's temples as long as you want.

Trains leave Shijiazhuang to Beijing every hour. I came back to the capital at 930pm with another fast train.

© Nniud
© Nniud
© Nniud
© Nniud

Photo credits: Nniud.

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right, I misspelled the name... it's Cangyanshan, sorry!!


Beautiful place and photos!!


Never know such a place near me, thank you!

PS. the correct name should be CangYanShan instead.


WOW that is beautiful! Great shots man, PLEASE more photos ;)


Good pics and introduction.

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