Carelessness Will Get You Everytime

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Just this past week, I posted up a fun political Tshirt at Zazzle, one of the POD (print on demand) services on line. It got a Today's Best Award. Two days later, I had to remove it. Why? I spelled a word wrong!!! Apparently my error had gotten past the editors to ;-) Three words in the Tshirt had Capital Letters in a different color than the main text. The word "Intellegence" had a large capital "I", but then I slipped and put the whole rest of the word in, so it became "Iintelligence". Boy, what a careless error, and how embarrassing for me.

So, I lost the award because I felt it best to take the product down, but I really would not want a customer to wind up with a mispelled Tshirt. Yes, I'll redo the shirt design, but I'll definitely read my text more carefully next time.

BTW, you can get your own Dreamstime Tshirt on Zazzle..

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April 07, 2008


There is a zazzle panel off my blog which is listed in my profile. I found the Dreamstime Shirt by dumb luck.
Mneale, Just had to take it down. Too much of a perfectionist. But you are right it was kind of ironic being political and all.

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