Carmakers looking for their future

While I was visiting the Geneva Motor Show last week, the first after the big crisis that claimed several car brands and could have claimed several more had the governments not supported them, I could not help noticing that carmakers seem to be trying to understand where their future lies.

Nearly every brand has at least one hybrid concept car or commercial vehicle on display. Even Ferrari has a 599 equipped with KERS (yes, the very same device they said was expensive and unreliable on their Formula One cars), painted in bright green.

The stars of the show are all prototypes with futuristic lines, and they all are going to be, if we believe the PR machine, "zero emission", "totally electric" or "fuel cell powered".

The reality of the showroom, with few exceptions, is different: cars are still petrol-powered, and they are getting bigger. The gain in engine efficiency is often lost to the added weight.

Audi's A1 looks like a monster when put beside a compact car from 10 years ago...

And there lies the carmakers' dilemma: the "green car" market is a small niche market. Over and over again people have been asking for power and acceleration, safety (which means weight), a bit of fun factor... and low emissions.

Not quite what Renault had on display!

Hard to make all these elements meet in the ideal car of the future... Maybe Honda will hit the target with the CR-Z? Time will tell...

Photo credits: Folco Banfi.

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March 09, 2010


all great shots!
good luck on the sales!

March 09, 2010


Cool shots! How did you manage that there are no reflexions of the flash itself? Indirect flashing? Diffusor?

March 08, 2010


Great Shots! Thanks for sharing :)

March 08, 2010


Excellent shots! Hope these do well for you :)

March 08, 2010


Thanks for the comments, really appreciated!

Jonvitalija: yes, I used a flash gun on high-speed, lowering its input slightly
Cristalloid: these images were uploaded as "editorial", hence I do not have to worry about the trademarks
Katn1999: you should have seen it. It was incredibly beautiful. The setting, with the water flowing in the background, was more interesting than the car!

March 08, 2010


Nice pictures Folco!! Did you use a flash gun?

March 08, 2010


Very impressive cars and shots! Wish you many sales! How do you manage the problem regarding the shown trademarks? Do you have a sort of property release?

March 08, 2010


Great shots:)

March 08, 2010


Great images they look very neat, sharp and clear.

March 08, 2010


These pictures are pretty cool, but the fourth picture which is almost entirely in silver is REALLY cool. It looks like it belongs in a magazine. Maybe one day it will. :-) Good luck!!!

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