Always Carry a Camera (Part 2)

Some time ago I wrote a blog ( here) about always carrying a camera with you, just so you don't miss any great photo opportunities .

Everything I said then is true today. Maybe more so. There are over 25,000,000 stock images on Dreamstime as I write this. That staggering number could easily deflate any contributor from shooting or uploading anything new. However, I'm convinced that for those who are prepared, and who carry a camera with them always, there are an abundance, even an infinite variety of great stock shots that can be captured that are unique and that sell.

I always carry either a Canon S110 or a Nikon D5100 with me at all times. They are compact, have full manual control and can capture great quality images. However, no matter how much I plead, they do not go out on their own and shoot great photos. I have to do it myself.

Here are some images that I've captured recently with these two cameras that are doing well:

Car Wreck Truck Tires on Windshield

Famous Chief Theater in Pocatello Idaho

Construction Cone and Street Repair

United State Capitol Building

Church Steeples of Crosses

Opportunity abounds for those who are prepared and are willing to go for it! Fashions change, technologies evolve, and there are an infinite variety of people, places and things out there!! Carry a camera with you and enjoy exploring this world of abundance.

Good luck shooting!

Photo credits: Lane Erickson.
Lane Erickson
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Bring on new and wonderful opportunities to be creative! There are abundant opportunities for creativity and success and I love to explore them.

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September 04, 2014

Yes, it's true, not once I had suddenly occasions for a good picture, and every time my little Nikon is with me


September 04, 2014

Agree with you! What you said is very practical and reasonable!


September 03, 2014

Yes, I am absolutely agree with you. I have my G1X or 60D hanging on my neck or on my shoulder.