A case for exclusivity

I read this on a stock photography forum and I think is good to share. So:

"I read a quote in the book "The 4-Hour Work Week" that I think summarizes our situation quite well.

..talking about why not to sell product through many distributors..

"It works like this: Reseller A sells the product for your recommended advertised price of $50, then reseller B sells it for $45 to compete with A, and then C sells it for $40 to compete with A and B .

In no time at all, no one is making profit from selling your product and reorders disappear. Customers are now accustomed to the lower pricing and the process is irreversible. The product is dead and you

need to create a new product. This is precisely the reason why so many companies need to create new product after new product

month after month. It's a headache. "

Sound familiar?

It makes me think a site with exclusive content, which can control the price, certainly has a business edge over the other sites. It makes the ******** strategy (everything image has to be exclusive) seem very smart.


Photo credits: Alvera.

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November 03, 2013


As I said in post it's not my point. And not about a specific site. And Dt did not ***** the site name, text was copy-paste from internet as it is. It is somebody's thoughts about a book.

November 03, 2013


I'm not sure what your point is. All stock sites have exclusive content as well as non-exclusive content. Since Dreamstime blocked the name of the site you mentioned, "the ******** strategy," we don't know what site your talking about. Are you talking about a stock site that has ONLY exclusive content?

November 02, 2013


Really interesting, I think it's as natural as the logic of the market, that does not put brake on the price high or low it is!

November 02, 2013


Thanks for sharing!
Food for thought!

November 02, 2013


Yes, the buyer is always right. Every day we are buyers and sellers in this life. We are part of the game and hope this game has the power to automatically correct himself...

November 02, 2013


You tired of capitalism? Because what you describe is exactly how it is suppose to work. A, B, C constantly compete and try to squeeze the suppliers and save on everything until nobody is making any money and the buyer is always right :)

November 01, 2013


I am a buyer also. When I was looking for the images I needed I did check a few websites to compare. I did that not because I wanted to save money but was because I wanted to get the best images that I needed. When I found similar images on Dreamstime were cheaper, I bought here instead of the other websites. I did see the same images here were cheaper too. I think it does create competitions among your own images if you have them all over. But it doesn't happen all the time that the buyers search a few websites before they buy I think.

So, good and bad!

November 01, 2013


It's a nonsense argument really. All the sites offer very slight variations on essentially the same product - nobody is going to shop around for a cheaper version of any individual image but they can get your image whereever they do their shopping if it's there.

November 01, 2013


Some of us have only worked with DT so have no means of knowing what would have happened if we had been on a variety of sites.
Yesterday another major microstock company emailed me to say all their images were now at half price............. times are clearly getting tougher.
But what I notice is that those who joined DT early on in 2005 have done best because their sales were from a smaller data base and they quickly had level 5 images.
The owners of DT will have done best of all.

October 31, 2013


Lenuta, please stay on-topic :-)

October 31, 2013


ahh but how does one get noticed on only one site? with 19 million images, mine are only a needle in the giant
haystack. the idea is to get as many people to see your image as posible. and sometimes if it is not happening on one site, then it needs to be other places as well. all is good if you sell your chocolates at one exclusive store and maybe sell 10 boxes of chocolates week.. but not everyone chocolate lover shops at that one store. place your treat in many stores and sell 20 times that amount. chocolate or stock photos.. same idea.

October 31, 2013


The answer?....:)...."The answer my friend is blowing in the wind"......you know song? I'm sure you now, Your Majesty:) Don't worry! Be happy! Life is beautiful! Thoughts? Thought is the ideal gateway between real and virtual! Cheers!

October 31, 2013


That would be great unless you decided one day to no longer be exclusive. I do like the exclusivity though. That upload bonus often pays for my gas if I take enough photos!!!

I do have to ask though, for day to day projects, do most buyers even care if their image is exclusive? I am not a buyer, so I don't know the answer. ;)

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