Cat's story

Now I have graduated from Xiamen Unversity and go back to Shanghai to work. But when I view my pictures in my computer there are so many things touch me. The two pictures are all about the same cat in a cafe in Xiamen.

I always prepare my exams in this cafe and this cat which feed by the cafe-owner will rest on the table in the cafe. Everytime I will look at it for a long time, I like to see it sleeping. In my mind it has not the trouble we have. They can live very happily and free. Sometimes I will think cat is the wizrd in the world. They have a lot of power. So this small cat gives me a lot of thinking and memory.

Now I have left Xiamen and I can not see the cat again. I will miss it.

Photo credits: Wenyan Wu.



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September 07, 2008


I want to have a cat myself. But I have not time to take care of it.

July 10, 2008


So cute!
I also have a home this cat ~ ~ ~ ~

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