Catch that moment

It was a cloudy and a bit windy day. I drove past by a patch of empty land which drew my attention. The land was overgrown with wild grass. The wavy grass looked beautiful under the sunlight peeking out. I hesitated and finally decided to pull over to take some shots. The grass made a very nice foreground for the red roofs of homes, forests and dark clouds at the background. Here is one of them that I submitted and has been accepted:

Two days later when I drove by that land again, the grass was mowed and the scene looked quite different and almost sad. I'm so glad I decided to stop. And now that beautiful moment is forever preserved and shared to many. Always catch that moment when you can!

Photo credits: Jinlide.

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November 03, 2008


Thank you very much for your comments! There were quite a few times I said I'll take a picture next time and ended up regret about not catching that moment. I'm glad I did not do that this time.

November 03, 2008


Too true!! Great shot!!

November 03, 2008


Whatever you do it's always about catching the moment!
Never say: I'll do it NEXT time!
Good work!

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