Catching The Beauty Of Gran Canaria

I'll be with my family in Gran Canaria next month and I was wondering maybe someone can suggest me some great nature locations in the southern part of the island?

Some great tips what to pay attention when shooting on sandy beaches would be useful too. How to protect camera?

Any suggestions? Or location hints?

I hope there will be good weather then, not too hot I guess. How to avoid harsh shadows, when sun is always brightly shining?

But mostly would love to hear about some beautiful nature spots where you never get with the tourist guide. Any locals here? Or stationary visitors?

Can't wait to get away from that dark winter...

Photo credits: Fernando Rodrigues, Christian Mueringer, Juriah Mosin, Marko Heuver, Nicholas Davies, Richard Clarke, Alex Bramwell.

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February 18, 2008


Well, we are back from that beautiful-beautiful iceland and I have managed to review those 2500 photos I took during our trip... Huh... I have to stop that constant shooting habit :)) But this lovely and scenic iceland with its mountains and beaches and warm friendly people, is a place definitely worth to visit.

January 01, 2008


Thanks, Richard, for your kind offer, I'll contact you soon. BTW you profile image, not image, but comment, is hilarious... LOL

January 01, 2008


Hi, there are loads of places to get great photos in Gran Canaria. What are you looking for? Beach, dunes, mountains, old architecture, surfing ...? Let me know what type of photography you are into and I can direct you to some places. I have lived here for 7 years so I know my way around a bit. It's probably best if you email me directly as I don't often check this blog. . Have a great time here, it's a beautiful place,


December 21, 2007


Wow, found some great articles on National Geographic website. It's Landscape Photography and Travel Photography Tips by Robert Caputo.
There's so much more information: NG Photo Tips.

December 17, 2007


:) And can you imagine it, somebody lives in that place, maybe the whole life... It's so good that every continent has it's own beauty spots. You know, Beth, I have a huge list of places in your country, what I want to visit, from East coast to West coast, lets say starting with Brooklyn and ending with Yosemite... hmmm... (I'm dreaming). But I guess it never happens. But it's ok. I'm really happy there's a lot of beautiful places in the world, what are not so far from my home. :) This gonna be my second furthest trip I ever had. First was to Siberia (voluntarily). But it was a long time ago. It's so exciting to travel to a little bit warmer land. I can't wait to see, how palm trees are growing out from the soil and not from the pot... :))

December 16, 2007


What wonderful photos - this seems like a great place to spend a month! I'm so jealous - might have to add this location to my list of places to go before I die. :) b

December 13, 2007


Thank you. I have just started to understand, how important is managed lighting. I mean, to use additional spotlights, reflectors, beside the main light or natural light. It's true that photography is all about lighting. Much more than I imagined. Thanks for tips. I just was wondering, what about landscapes? No camera at the brightest daytime means still no camera? Even when shooting landscapes? We are planning some around the island trips what takes whole day, I guess those pictures will remain just for the memories for us?
PS: Ellen, I remember you had couple of great blogs about travel photography, but I can't find them through search. Some of your archives don't open. Could you provide those links here again, please?

December 13, 2007


For the can try adding spaces. But actually this layout looks good to me! To avoid harsh shadows: use your flash or a reflector to bounce light on to faces. Otherwise to avoid the harsh shadows, shoot early and/or late in the day. Enjoy yourself the rest of the time and put the camera away during the heat of the day.

December 13, 2007


hmm, I don't know how those pictures in my article seem to float everywhere, or anywhere they want... kinda messy layout, but I can't fix it...

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