The Cathedral of Spoleto: Santa Maria dell'Assunta

The Spoleto Cathedral is one of the beautiful church of the umbria region. The cathedral was built to replace a church razed by Frederick Barbarossa in 1155, when the emperor destroyed Spoleto for refusing to pay him tribute.

The Duomo's interior was fully baroqued in the 17th century for Pope Urban VII, who's commemorated with a Gian Lorenzo Bernini bust high above the central door inside. Only the pavement and frescoes survived this renovation.

The paintings of the latter were finished in 1467–1469 by Filippo Lippi and his pupils Fra' Diamante and Piermatteo Lauro de' Manfredi da Amelia: they depict scenes from the Life of the Virgin. Lippi is buried in the right arm of the transept.

Then Dome to Santa Maria Assunta, with its facade richly decorated in the Byzantine style, rebuilt in the 12th-century over a previous church to San Primiano, whose crypt is still present under the Cappella delle Reliquie. The facade shows the most magnificent rosewindow in Umbria and is sided by a splendid belltower.

There are some photos:

Photo credits: Elisa Bistocchi.

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July 29, 2008


nice images!

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Beautiful image, very strong sense of history!

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Very interesting argument and good shots!

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