Hello everyone,

Today I want to talking about the cats. Yes, the cats! Cats is everywhere, on the town, village, bay (and sometimes where we don't expect like forests, plateau and others). In a word, it is on almost everywhere with oxygen, is it true?

Cats are nearly everybody's favorite animal. Maybe it's not a pet for a family but cats are loved afar, from outside home. Yes, might many people don't like cats because it is the cause of allergic, it is the cause of clutter, it is the cause of confusion! It's not wrong.

Angry Cat on Grass Background

Ah pussies! With the meows, they wander the world. You go to Sydney, you saw a cat. You go to Johannesburg, you saw a cat. You go to Istanbul, you saw a cat. Even (if you didn't hear yet, continue reading) there's a "Kedi" (Cat - A Turkish made) documentary has been premiered on a United States festival and 9 more festivals around the world! You can search on it.

In a word, cats are charming animal. Very sweet and sometimes making little issues but it's worth for it.

Thanks for reading and don't forget to leaving a comment (your opinions about the cats) and mark this article as "Useful".

Thanks again and best regards,

-Muhlis Gürsoy-

Photo credits: , Mgphotostock.

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The cat not listen to me. I said sit here, it not obey me. But I not will give up, I will continue.

Thanks for your advice!


Might be worth photographing them in nice light rather than shadow in the future.


Also you can look for this photo. Yes, this kitty are a mother for three kittens. Because that when I go near to the kittens, it angry to me and make an angry sound. But (if I can take they I'll upload) I can't take their photo because they're hopping all the time. Always when I take their photo, the photo will not be perfect. What a luck!

Anyway, thanks for your comment!


Your kitty doesn't look very happy! You are right though, cats are everywhere, I love seeing them.

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