Ceilings, surfaces, textures and patterns (a small collection)

I'm often finding myself looking up at ceilings, developing a cricked neck! I think for the amount of attention to detail that goes into the construction of ceilings, and any surface for that matter, it is a shame we don't spend more time admiring them. Below is a collection of some that I've taken about the place that I thought is worth sharing.

I found myself laying in the middle of the floor in the Salt Lake City Capitol building recently, positioning my camera to get the chandelier in the center of the dome. Was certainly happy to have live view for that one!

Other ceilings that I've enjoyed/enjoy is the stained glass ceiling of the Catholic Church in Brasilia.

Timber and stud work of bridges over the Themes in London.

Huge rivots in steel plate on the Sydney harbour bridge

The slat work on the ceiling of the Beijing international airport

Shakes or shingles on the roof of an old cottage on Buffalo Island near in Salt Lake City

Concrete beam work supporting a new overpass in Brisbane

Pendents on the roof of limestone caves south of Perth

The Anatolian Civilizations Museum ceiling in Turkey has these cool skylight insets

I also love a tree canopy from time to time.

The pattern of this palm frond also caught my eye

This image is of concrete blocks attached to the wall of the Entertainment Building in Brasilia

All of these photos have led to awkward angles and I think it is time to learn to take photos using a mirror held beneath the liveview display!

Photo credits: Bevanward.

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Hey, when you were lying on the floor, was there anyone staring or shooing you out? I was at a museum recently and loved the ceiling glass dome. Want to come back and re-shoot but I don't think they will allow me to lay on the floor!


Thanks everyone for your supportive comments - good luck with the sales :-)


Amazing images, Wow!!!


Nice collection, im in love of the capitol photo, its amazing!


Wonderful collection! I wish you a lot of sales! :)


Great idea for a collection! Congratulations!


Nice & well chosen images! Keep updating it!


Very pretty collection!


Some great images, and some nice travels you have been on to get them, wish you good luck with them.

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