Celebrating 300 photos in my portfolio!

It hasn't been quite three months yet of me being a part of Dreamstime, but I have now crossed the 300 mark in my portfolio. I have learned so much about my photography in those three months. Here's a few o my newest photos that helped to get me to the 300 mark.

Here's a photo of a Texas Longhorn that I captured not too far from my home. He was just staring at me and made for some good shots.

Texas Longhorn

I'm learning to think more creatively and get some abstract photos in my portfolio.

Lines in a Circle

Learning to put better use to my tri-pod when trying to get shots of nature. Captured these Starlings as they were migrating and stopped in this berry tree for a snack on the way to their new location.

Pair of Starling Birds Surrounded by Red Berries

My son cooked some pumpkin soup with ginger braised chicken and leeks and I snapped a few shots before eating it. That is learning self control. When you're hungry and you just want to eat, stopping to take some good photos is a test in patience.

Pumpkin Soup with Chicken and Ginger Braised Leeks

Finally, I have learned to keep my eyes open for things that might be happening around me, that normally I overlooked, but make for good commercial images.

Electrical Worker fixing Electrical Pole Wires

Can't wait to see what new things I'll learn on my way to 400. Thank you to Dreamstime for opening these doors for me.

Photo credits: Rhbabiak13.

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Congratulations!! Those images are precious


Congrats. I have learned a lot since I started DT but as amateur I haven´t reached that much. You must be proud. Good work!
   Patagonian flamingos   


Congratulations, you have some really nice photos 😃


Great going! I started last month on Dreamstime, and I am learning so much! Great community here.


Thank you everyone! So much support here. You are all so encouraging.




Great article! Congratulations!

You should be proud of your work!




Well done!!
Keep on doing it!


Way to go! Best of luck for lots of sales :-)


like the wheel cover it took me about 5 seconds to figure out what it was than I saw the lug nuts and it dawned on me what it was.


Great to see such a nice variety of photos. Congratulations.


Congratulations, Thanks for sharing your wonderful images. Love the tree frogs with the butterfly. Studying with Grandmother Twylah Hurd Nitch to learn the Medicine Wheel of Peace - Cycles of Truth system from the Ancient Seneca People, there is a wonderful story about the beginning of Tree Frogs, Will be happy to share if you want,
Melinda Joy Miller, livingenvironments@msn.com


[imgr]46128923[/imgr]Thanks Rhbabiak13 for sharing your photo's to a big public. With your photo's you give a very good impression of the culture you are a member of. I like your writing about yourself and how you want to praise our Creator! With your images you are showing: it is just in the little things of life that matter!


Great photos! I am just coming to 20 but I am still working at adding more. I too have learned a lot about expanding my horizons and seeing our lovely world in a new light. Congratz on your 300 onward to the 400th.


We congratulate!!! Forward by 400!!!


congratulations!!keep it up!


Congratulations !!!


I am so glad to have inspired you. Thank you for your kind comments. Happy shooting!


This is great stuff and you've inspired me to look for some new subject matter.


Big congrats!


Way to go! Congratz !


Congratulations!!! Keep up the good work.


Congratulations, very nice photos.

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