Celebrating 300 sales

I'd like to share with you my new milestone of 300 sales

I'm parto of this community since 9th may 2014 and I'm exclusive contributor

Sales came day by day, slowly with ups and downs, but now the balance

is very positive because most sales are now from credits than from subscription, getting higher revenues.

Here some images with higher revenues: from 8 to 16 dollars:

Some cars, famous landscapes like Grand Canyon, Australia and Alaska, animals and textures.

I hope to continue on this trend and I will continue to improve quality and the quantity of my portfolio,

Thanks to Dreamstime for the exclusive opportunity granted to me accepting my pictures.

Woman face in matrix background

Woman face in matrix

Grand Canyon at Lake Powell

Grand Canyon Lake Powell

Tanana Valley State Forest Alaska

Tanana Valley Alaska

Lamborghini Aventador sports car

Lamborghini Aventador

Glacier Bay National Park, Alaska

Glacier Bay National Park

Shelby Cobra 427

Shelby Cobra

Heroin addiction

Heroin addiction

Green Vineyard Landscape

Vineyard Landscape

BMW i8

Luxury BMW i8

Cat selfie

Cat selfie

Photo credits: Bennymarty.

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Good luck with your upload Pet548


Congratulations!300 photo sold sounds great!
My aim is to reach 300 accepted photo.
Good luck!


Hello B8900456194 payment depends on various factors. If the photo buy it with a subscription you get a fixed amount that varies from 0:42 if you're a contributor exclusive or 0:30 if you are not exclusive; if the photo the buy with the credits you earn more money. I have sold a few pictures to 8, 9 or 12 dollars but are exclusive and therefore receive 60% of the total amount if a picture is bought with credits.


Thank You! Yes they are eclectic and I like to photograph almost everything .. ranging from landscapes to still life or wildlife or monuments or models .. we hope to continue like this!


how much you got in a single image approx? I can't understand this payment method. can you explain me?


what is the difference between credit and subscription?


I am fairly new and was excited to reach 100 accepted images. 300 is fantastic. Your work is diverse and creative. Congratulations!


Hello, congratulations. You have very fast growing beautiful portfolio. Wish you have more sales in very near future. :)


Well done!! You've been working very hard--I am glad you are seeing good results. Good luck with lots more sales:)


Thanks to all of hearts! I hope to continue like this and to have other good sales .. meanwhile continue to upload files ... I will work more and more in my work ..


Nice work! Some great, fun, creative images. Best of luck on many many more sales!


Congratulations, such beautiful images, you are an artist that paints with a camera!


Congratulations, well done.


Cnogratulations! You do the work so great and you are the best! The images are very beautiful and I realy like them all!


Congratulations :) Wish you many more sales and good luck :)




Good congrats!




You have a beautiful portfolio, very good work, congratulations!

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