Celebrating Carnival at Rhineland in Germany

Most of the regions in Germany have their own tradition to celebrate carnival. But the craziest fans of "Karneval" live in the Rhineland around the Cities of Cologne and Dusseldorf. (You have to know that the inhabitants of this cities are big enemies at this time because they be in competition about the best musicians, the biggest carnival procession, the prettiest princess and so on). But beyond the official sessions the people dress up with a costume and go out in the streets, have fun and celebrate themselves.

They are very creative to design the costumes.

Costumed Cupcakes, Mardi Gras Dusseldorf

Carnival in Dusseldorf

Some perform handicraft work to create comic characters

Minions on Mardi Gras Parade

Some show courage to be ugly but very humorously

Costumed Witch

Costumed Ravenous Wolf

Men on barbecue costumed as pigs


Some families ore friends masquerade themselves with the same thematic.

Mother and baby giraffes on Carnival in Dusseldorf

Frog family on Mardi Gras in Duesseldorf

Group with fish costumes on Carnival in Dusseldorf

I nearly like all disguised people but these young men are very especially cause they caricature a well-known German public person. Hope you like it too 😍

Group of young men posing as Angela Merkel

Photo credits: Hel080808.

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February 26, 2017


Helena, thank you for your nice comment. Yes, there is so much to see for photographers around the year

February 26, 2017


Woooow ! Beautiful shots from carnival :-)

February 21, 2017


Hello Martin,

seems you know it very well!

Thanks for your nice comment! And have much fun on the comming days!

February 20, 2017


I really like the Merkel one - but those guys have to practice a bit with the sad face - the original can do that much better - congrats to your great work!

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