Celebrating my 4th anniversary at DREAMSTIME

Four years ago one of my friends asked me if I want to make some extra money at Home and I said why not? He told me about Dreamstime and for me it seemed very interesting but I told him that I don't have money right now to spend for a professional camera and I don't even have the knowledge working in photo editing programs. He smiled a little and told me: " Don't worry because you work as a 3d designer and you have the skills and knowledge of 3d modeling and rendering and these sites accept computer generated illustrations too.

© Jocky

© Jocky

-- so this way I had a chance to start working with microstock sites, DREAMSTIME being the first stock site I started contributing with. I was very pleased about my first uploaded images that I had already made before becoming a contributor because almost all of them were accepted.

As the time flows I rendered almost every state's flag and a few other isolated objects and some backgrounds. I didn't had enough time to enjoy what I love to do because I had to spend more and more time at my primary workplace.

© Jocky

© Jocky

After 2 years, my budget from microstock sites got to the point when I afforded to buy a semi-professional camera so I went and purchased a Canon EOS 400D and that day I felt that I reached my FIRST GOAL in this business.

It took a while until I learned how and what to shoot and most of all to learn editing and enhancing photos. --- by the way if you look into my portfolio you won't find many photos taken and this will disclose that my very hobby is making 3d illustrations.

A few month ago I decided that I'm gonna grow my portfolio up to 1000 images in less than a year.

~ and this is my new BIG CHALLENGE ~

© Jocky

All I want to say in the end to All Contributors and Designers, You can make things happen JUST BELIEVE in it.

~ Happy Anniversary to my Portfolio ~

Photo credits: Jozsef - Attila Nagy.

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April 30, 2012


Hi, I like your work please contact me on davidlavington(at)hotmail(.)com - get back to me asap, thanks - David

November 04, 2009


happy dreamstime anytime!

November 04, 2009


I wish you more years with DT!

November 04, 2009


Congratulations! Keep uploading to reach your goal!

November 04, 2009



November 03, 2009


Happy anniversary! Very possitive blog! I like your`s look!

November 02, 2009


Congrats, hope the nxt 4 years is even more successful and enjoyable for you!

November 02, 2009


Thank You everyone, You're wonderful.

November 02, 2009


Happy Anniversary, and good luck for future targets.

November 02, 2009


Happy Anniversary! well done for your great work!! :)

November 02, 2009


Happy Anniversary!!! Great work!

November 01, 2009


Happy Anniversary :)

November 01, 2009


Happy anniversary. May the next 4 be even better!

November 01, 2009


Happy DT day and good luck with the new camera!

November 01, 2009


Happy Anniversary! And good luck! Cheers ;)

November 01, 2009


:) Great story! Good luck with your images!

November 01, 2009


Happy Anniversary! Good luck for the future!

November 01, 2009


I like your positiveness and your portfolio shows evolution in your work.
Happy Anniversary!

November 01, 2009


Happy anniversary, Jocky! I wish somebody told me about Dreamstime 4 years ago!

November 01, 2009


Happy anniversary! Good luck with your goal :0)

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