Celebrating my number 2500 online file

It's been a while since I was official :) ---- but reckon that number is something to be a bit proud of and look back. With more and more competition I have lately started putting up my numbers regarding uploads to keep up a bit. I have adapted a bit to stock photography but tried not to lose my identity - so many of my pictures are still "me" - which I find important. At the same time I want to encourage the newbies here on DT - it all takes some time till pictures sell. My number one has in the meantime 93 sales - and that one is one of my typical landscape pictures from which I would love to do many more.

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too kind, thank you :)


Congratulations! Great Going!


Congratulations, great achievement.


thanks guys - reckon if I wouldn't have adapted to stock I wouldn't have the sales which I'm quite happy with :)




Nice reflections, for fun or for stock? Maybe adapting some stock would increase downloads but maintaining the fun aspect and identity is important.


Very good!

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