Celebrities on the red carpet

Well here is my small experience of photo session of celebrities. First if you have read my READ HERE I had encountered several challenges shooting the celebrities. The event organizers didn't send us the list of celebrities attending the red carpet event and as its my first session I was bit nervous and excited. I reached the place on time, in fact 1 hour earlier, this gave me an opportunity to test some shots as people were moving around and I had difficulties to frame the picture, as the people were either moving very fast very slow. And i was trying to shoot in manual mode. Later checked the images most looked perfect in small tiny screen of camera. As i had enough time I just downloaded few to my laptop to check and everything was dark, I thank myself reaching the venue earlier and testing the images in laptop, else all my images would be a waste.

At this point I tought its not an good idea to experiment with manual or some other setting instead set the camera to automatic mode and did few more test shots, And was satisfied with results.

Suddenly other photographers joined me and there were around 45 to 50 of them, and this is when i had the real trouble, the organizers never informed most of us that we were supposed to reserve our place in the allotted area for photographers, even though i had full access pass for the event, this last minute changes or the information I failed to collect pushed four rows behind the other photographers. In spite of reaching the place well advance than scheduled I failed to grab the front row. It wasn't entirely my mistake. Now i had another big problem, there were lots of photographer in front of me and the red carpet area was at least 15 feet far from where i was standing. Now choosing the right lens was another issue. I have just two lens one 18-105 lens and another 70-300. I test some shots with 18-105 the subject were to small and had many other things which i wanted to avoid. the 70-300 was too close. Finally settled for 70-300 so at least i will get some close up and was much better than the results of 18-105. If you see most of the images you cant see the red carpet as I used 70-300, and that was the only one I had. So please remember to carry the right lens and check all the procedures so you dont end up getting an opportunity to shoot.

Next issue was remembering the names of people, I didn't have a note book or pen and forgot to use my mobile to record the announcement before each celebrity arrived. So please remember to carry a pen, paper, or your mobile. Plus do some home work, this is very important as Maigi suggested in my last blog. i was excited to meet all these stars and confident that organizers will supply the list I didn't do my work. Richards Blog Fortunes from the cookie People learn little from success, but much from failure. is right, even small mistakes I did learn to be well prepared for next outing.

Another important thing, don't forget the reason why you are in that place, don't forget to shoot and admire the celebrities, if you do so, you miss some good opportunities. I did as i was admiring some of the beautiful Arabic actress I didn't get the time to click, Its fast, no body waits for you so be prepared. And also be prepared as other photographers behind you might try to sneak in front of you.

Here is the list to remember when shooting a event.

Carry additional battery for your camera, and speed gun, if you dont have extra I suggest its a good investment.

Carry additional memory card would be very handy, and if you can carry your laptop it helps a lot.

Dont try to use tripod

Reach early and do some test shots it will save you lot

Be alert, don't admire beautiful actress and forget to shoot, carry pen and paper or some recorder, use your mobile, do some home work before hand. Well that's for now if you have some dos and don't s please comment on this so it will be useful and handy

I'm in hurry need to pack my bags as I will be flying tomorrow, and here are some of my images which are approved.

Photo credits: Creativei.

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December 13, 2009


I've done quite a bit of celeb and political red carpet shooting over the years. I carry a collapsible (flat) foot stool I can stand on if I'm stuck in the back of the pack. This stool adds almost a foot to my 5'-8" stature. The step stool can be found at RV dealers. However, this added height is certainly not my first choice as many celebs are not very tall. So, I prefer to shoot them from about waist high. This gives them a somewhat "towering" look and eliminates the wierd perspective of me looking down on them.

Also, I use a gimmick to get the celebs to look at me. I wait until most of the photographers have silenced their "Hey, look over here!" demands and I say "Now, please look at the old man." The celebs look at me and grin ... great smile!

December 13, 2009


Haven't seen queen Nour for years...she is still the same!
attractive collection , congrats!

December 12, 2009


No Lebanese? LOL..

December 12, 2009


fantastic, great shots considering you were in the 4th row - good luck next time

December 11, 2009



December 11, 2009


Simply woooow

December 11, 2009


Hey great shots! My Queen was there! Wish you luck Altaf ;)

December 11, 2009


Great shots! I like Mandy Moore a lot! Good luck!

December 11, 2009


Great informative blog. Nice pics.

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