Cemeteries provide so many opportunities for photographing works of art in stone. Every community has an old cemetery that reeks of history and amazing art. The craftsmanship practiced by the artists that created the images for grave markers that have stood the test of tome.

This first example is of an entrance to a very old graveyard in Cleveland Ohio. The very old entrance archway is a work of architectural art in itself. constructed of cut stone and created by a master stone-cutter, it is a piece of history standing alone in a forgotten neighborhood.

Stone entrance

Sometimes it's not the art that makes the photo, but the history. When I moved from Cleveland, I settled across from the oldest established community in the Ohio territory. Marietta, Ohio was the first settlement in the United States west of the Ohio river. This example is of a memorial in a cemetery in Marietta dedicated to the revolutionary war soldier buried on the grounds. A group of American flags, one for each soldier that fought to free this country from England.

Revolutionary war veterans memorial

Religious icons are a staple in cemeteries. The first example is a carving of an angel, the second is a detail of a memorial representing Jesus with outstretched hands.

grave marker carved in the shape of an angel

Grave monument

Both of these images were shot in the vertical format so you are not getting the full impact of these images, please view these images in full.

Some monuments are more than just a monument. This next image is more of a portrait. The statue is of a river boat captain that is buried there and is his likeness. Shot in vertical format, please view the full image.

Grave marker

This next series is a famous monument in Parkersburg, West Virginia. Known as the weeping woman, the monument is a likeness of the wife of the man buried there. She is shown weeping over his grave. These images are full and detail shots. The story is the woman, who was buried beside her husband later, now walks the cemetery at night crying and calling for her children.

Weeping woman grave marker

Weeping woman grave marker

Face of a greiving lady

I've spent a lot of time photographing in cemeteries all over the country. I've found history, amazing stories and beautiful art. Sometimes your next photo destination is as easy to find as the gates of the cemetery in your community. The older the cemetery the better.

Photo credits: David Coleman.

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Good luck Ferdie2551. Nice portfolio, beautiful work. I think my next step here will be night photography and maybe with a female model. Should be interesting.


In my 250 uploads here at DT, i have only 1, only 1 image of a cemetery. Thanks to this blog. Now it reminds me.Great photos!


True, I take a lot of pictures in cemeteries too in my country, love yours...


Photography captures a moment in time. Cemeteries reflect the time that has stopped. Bringing those two subjects together is natural. Those moments of emotions aren't always happy ones, but ones to be remembered none-the-less.


Thank you all for your comments. I am glad I am not the only one walking around in graveyards with a camera. I finally made the correction in the blog and placed the photo of the river boat captains monument for those that would like to see. Thanks again to all!


Cemeteries are one of my favorite places to photograph. I have a collection of cemetery photos. They are some of the most peaceful, quiet places you can go to these days. I always make a point to stop at any cemetery I see while traveling. I love your pictures.


What a wonderful idea, I might try this myself, thank you. Your pics are wonderful


I LOVE this! Old cemeteries are a favorite place to shoot for me as well.
Nice work, David, thanks!


I also took many photos on cemeteries - we shouldn't forget that these are many times the only quiet spot in midst of cities and that also birds and animals find their peace there - not to mention all the trees and flowers... nice work David!


Good to see that such profound, sensitive photos have also an entitlement at DT. I like also to take photos on cemeteries, cause it shows much about culture of grief.


perfect places for a dramatic photo and for a spooky shooting :)

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