The challenge of food-photograpy

Ok, I must be honest... in this article is a double challenge. The first one is food-photography as the title says. The other one is writing correct english in this blog... I hope you'll understand me.

Everybody says that "food" is one of the most difficult categories of photography. It's true but it is also very fascinating. So I decided to accept this challenge. My work is in tourism and I like images of tradicional italian dishes. In the next months my project is to take pictures of typical sicilian dishes. Every town in Sicily has its traditional delicious recipes and there aren't many pictures of them on Dreamstime. In the last weeks I tryed various food compositions (some traditional, other international) and uploaded them on Dreamstime. Only a few part were accepted but I'm proud to see that images become (slowly) better despite my poor equipment. The images were taken with a Canon 300D (only 6.3 Mpx give little margin for cropping), the standard 18-55 lens (a macro would give better results) and the natural window light (no studio light altough now I have a self-made directional lamp). I find it's funny to play with colors and compositions as in the first "fish and chips" image or build a set for the "spaghetti fork" picture. In some cases I tryed a black background: I think it's the best for isolating the dish. It's the case of the "cannoli", typical sicilian pastry filled with ricotta cream or the "italian appetizers" photo. In the last one I like the contrast between the background and the colors of the dish, the salami and the cheese. The last one (the breakfast) is my favourite picture. It will give the idea of a hotel breakfast and can be very useful for websites (I develop websites too). I don't know if you like this picture but I can say you that after the photos I had a very good meal...

Photo credits: Sebastiano Leggio.

Your post must be written in English

November 07, 2010


Thanks to all for the comments ! Nice to see that this post was useful

November 07, 2010


I find food photography extremely difficult. Certainly an area that I can improve on. Yours looks great!!

November 06, 2010


i m novice in it and trying to adopt it. Its very challenging. nice images

November 05, 2010


mmmm... it all looks delicious! in my opinion a sign of good food photography if it makes your mouth water!

November 05, 2010


Great blog when your feeling hungry! I love your images on a black background, so vibrant. Your English is perfect by the way. Wishing you lots of sales.

November 04, 2010


Great photos!

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