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Well, i guess spring is finally here for the most of us, contributors at dreamstime!

I managed to upload and get quite a lot of images accepted from the winter and skiing season, fact that made me very happy.

Here some examples of my winter season images:

Unfortunately, I think I will have to wait for next autumn and winter to get sales on these images, because spring is here and designers have now other interests.

I have some images in my portofolio that may have increased interest with the new season.

Categories such as traveling (citybreaks, holidays), landscapes with lots of sunlight, people doing outdoor activities will probably get lots of hits and hopefully also sales.

My portofolio consists at the moment of 320something images and I am always looking to widen it. So my questions for all the other fellow contributors is:

Where are you taking your camera this season? What are you looking for?

Good luck to everybody!


Photo credits: Alexsleepy.

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April 19, 2013


Croatia!Serbia!Vacations this year!And also lots of photos at Baltic sea with different models and syles!I'll try some experiments!Good luck to all!

April 19, 2013


Great images, I usually plan vacations for summer and winter around this time of the year, but I haven´t made up my mind on where to go.

April 19, 2013


Hi Alexandra! It looks like we have the winter activities in common :-)
Right now I am looking forward to all water activities like kayaking, sailing and so on. And also some travelling. So the camera will go hot!
Yeah, Inyrdreams - people in Chile for example, will soon put the skiis on, amazing!

April 18, 2013


Inyrdreams, thanks for the comment and ideas. Please feel free to add any of my images to your collections.
have a good day!

April 18, 2013


good morning! I too, had a wonderful season in the snow... however.. I am still selling winter photos! what you might be forgetting is.. although we are FINALLY going into spring... the other half of the world is heading into the winter! that is what is most wonderful about this site.. we are world wide. and a generic winter photo can be anywhere in winter!
Summer goals... lots of festivals! I am really having a ton of fun doing editorial photos, and festivals are the perfect place for that. also.. the beach. but that is for me~! good luck on your summer shooting.. and can I add some of your winter images to my winter collection?

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