Change Up!

It seems as though I have spent almost all of 2011 trying to take solid commercial images for stock agencies and have had a whale of a time and learnt a great deal. Having said that over recent weeks my pot of ideas has dried up and my motivation has started to dip a little and was not enjoying taking photographs as much as I had previously!

So i set aside the constant drive to produce stock photographs and decided to take photographs that I like and see how they faired, like this image of the Stockton Infinity Bridge in the UK. Much to my surprise these images are accepted and even begun to sell very quickly. They are also are my first Editorial images which is a whole other story.

I had also decided to add a Blog to my website to replace the 365 project I had been dong as it is a great way to tell friends and family what I am upto as well as increase traffic to my website. That lead to an interesting opportunity to do some photography teaching. It was an odd experience as I know what I do and how I do it but trying to communicate that really kind of firmed up my technical approach in my own mind and kind of sparked a little more interest.

So although it has been a quite few months for me and I have gone from uploading 40 odd images a month down to 10-12 it has been a time where I have learned to enjoy taking photographs again and am now more motivated than ever to add to my 420 images here at DT and other places :D I guess stepping away from something for a while really does help!

Photo credits: Llareggub.

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December 13, 2011


Thanks Adeliepenguin, it is all too easy to get wrapped up when you start paying in the stcok market and start looking through the lens with very stock oriented mind... Well thats what I find anyway, it is refreshing to take a break and fall back in love with the camera again!

Glad you like my blog would be great if you stopped by, it is reeatively new but I am hoping to get something up every 10 days or so, but it looks like I will be doing 3 this week :D

December 12, 2011


I agree--very nice shots. Photography should be about enjoying what you are doing. It does help to step back and get a new perspective. FYI, I love your blog. I just may bookmark it and check out what you are up to now and then:)

December 10, 2011


Thanks both :)

December 09, 2011


I think you're doing great... Thanks for sharing your experience.

December 09, 2011


Great shots!

December 09, 2011


It is good to know that folk have shared experiences, stock photography can be a lonely old place ;)

December 09, 2011


You have taken the words out of my mouth............ I wrote a draft article on micro stock which I have submitted............ one negative point is the need for model releases as it often affects what images one can take. An example was when I saw an old man with a stick and his dog come from the forest over wonderful red / orange autumn leaves and I purposely blurred the man and dog with long exposure at f 29 [ and using a tripod ] so I didnt need a model release but it was rejected by DT.

So the influence of DT improves many images but as you have found its better to sometimes just take those images you like regardless of microstock rules. David.

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