I was uploading pictures for about a year, from 2010 until 2011. My last photo was uploaded on the 20th of October of 2011. Ever since I was completely inactive. For some reason this year I decided to log in again and see what changed. The website looked the same, the user interface looked the same. Even the contributors area which looked archaic 6 years ago was still the same(and still is). Then the current assignment at the time caught my eye. It was the WOW assignment, I submitted 5 photos I had taken recently not thinking much about it. But 2 of them where accepted. And that sparked my interest again. I begun uploading photographs, old and new wanting to keep up to about 30 accepted photos per month. So far I am able to keep uploading 50 per month even though I am studying. So far this little challenge I set up for my self significantly increased my creativity.

And now come the things that have changed. I uploaded pictures that I did not expect to be approved yet they were. I started uploading lower and lower 'quality' photos to see how low I could push it. And I managed to push it quite low. That was completely contrary to my expectations. I remember that when I started uploading pictures here I had to view the picture at 100% magnification and make sure that the subject was in sharp focus, there was absolutely no chromatic aberrations and no noise. No noise even in the shadows which is quite hard to eliminate completely if you are shooting at high ISO. Many of the pictures I uploaded recently were shot with 1600 ISO on my D7000, a quite old camera by now and they were accepted with barely any noise reduction in camera RAW. I noticed something similar with chromatic aberrations as well. I do try to eliminate them as I don't like them either. Sometimes though it is too much trouble and sometimes I just miss them, yet I had no picture rejected yet due to chromatic aberrations . the following picture for example was a mess. I shot this standing in the shade, and the sun was shining quite strongly outside the small cave, and to add to that there was a significant reflection from the sea. The lens I was using wasn't helping a lot either, so virtually all the edges in the photograph had chromatic aberrations. The best I could do was to decrease the saturation of the blues(since the aberrations were blue) and then apply a layer mask to try and hide only the aberration affected areas. I did that at about 200% magnification however the edges would not look natural. However this was another picture easily accepted.

Hidden Tropical Beach

I also expected some of the pictures I uploaded so far to be rejected due to not having any selling potential in the micro-stock world, yet again that did not happen. To stop my blabbering I will be short with the following few things. Overall the volume of pictures uploaded is much greater, possibly due to the lower acceptance criteria. I see pictures here that i would never expect to find 6 years ago.

I still have a long time to go, since the milestone I am aiming for is 1000 pictures online, but i will probably try to upload 100 per month during the summer months that I will not be as busy. I am still trying to figure on which areas of micro-stock to focus on, so far my most successful pictures were pictures relating to travel and landmarks. I am currently trying to upload a portfolio with as many different subjects as possible and see which ones are the most profitable and focus there in the future, in the future I also plan on trying food photography, as another member of the community advised me to do. However most of the pictures I uploaded after my return get little to no views, I am still unsure if this is because I am views unfavorably due to my inactivity or simple because my pictures are lost in the sheer volume of photographs. I can do nothing but wait.

Here is some of my new uploads(all of them cropped for the blog):

Curious Juvenile Swan

Bearded Vulture eating

Beautiful Sunset at Mediterranean Beach

As you can see from the above picture I mostly photograph nature and wildlife, however you can check my profile for more stock-oriented photographs. I would appreciate any advice you give me.

Photo credits: Markos Loizou.

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April 04, 2017


I started an account in 2012, got approved but never uploaded anything else - that is - until yesterday. 18 Photos just for a starter, photos that are already in other agencies, and are selling there, even at RM. Got 1 of those Photo's approved at Dreamstime, so - it seems a bit, hmmmmm. Better get some uploading done at ********, and spend time there.

April 03, 2017


Thanks everyone:)

I didn't know that the increase of pictures taken was so staggeringly steep, that disheartens me quite a lot...

Sylvain I would like to be in your position and sell a picture a day... I hope they give you an answer that does make sense

I won't lie, I've been concentrating more on volume rather than quality but I try to keep the quality quite high. I may have to take pictures of more novel things, but that seems also a bit hard considering that the database is 57 million pictures large and increasing by more than half a million per week. I guess the only solution would be to increase the standards needed for a picture to be approved. But that would be bad for competition, the other sites boasting far more pictures than dreamstime... Although it does cost to have a server running with so many pictures stored.

From what i gather from here I will steadily keep uploading pictures but at the same time look for other ways to get money as an amateur photographer, maybe I'll try to find a part time job. That will help for a better portfolio as well, but I am a bit scared for what clients will expect from me.

April 03, 2017



April 03, 2017


Like Sylvain said, " too many photographers " are going after smaller and smaller pieces of the pie.
Soon we will be happy to sell one picture a month! I think I read somewhere that we have taken more photographs in the past 2 years than have been taken in the last 150 years! It seems like a geometric progression. It has been fun but not very lucrative for most of us......

April 03, 2017


Welcome back Marcos! Just go for it :-)

April 02, 2017


First, very nice pictures :) I wish you good luck with more sales:) But then, I totally agree with you, and if your new pictures are not seen it is because they are lost in the middle of the irrelevant enormous stock... It is I think the biggest problem of the last couple of years. The acceptance process is not making sense: too many same pictures on the same page... like barely different and they are accepted, so we come to very fast 200 pictures the same in one day. So your single upload is insignificant compare to that. But the buyers are not stopping either on these ones, because they are just tired of looking at pages of boring, poor quality pictures, and if one in the middle is a interesting and good quality, they just miss it.
So they go for the easy and fast way, they select most downloaded and download over and over the same subjects. For the moment i'm selling every day, once a day, the same picture.
I wrote to dreamstime team to ask some explanation... I'm waiting for them to answer :) Let's see, in the meantime, I think assignement are our best chance :)
Good luck.

March 31, 2017


Wow! Very nice photos! Great!

March 31, 2017


Welcome back... You have amazing images... Keep them loading.

March 30, 2017


nice article :)

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