A widely distributed video produced by a soap company shows that some long necked, wide-eyed beauties aren’t necessarily that way because of exalted strands of DNA. Go here to see how expert makeup and the judicious use of PhotoShop can transform a merely pretty woman into a supermodel.

There are some tips there that you can put into your own bag of tricks.Speaking of tricks and changes…brings to mind ‘trick or treat’ and the seasonal change going on outside. If you tire of transforming your sorta lovely friends into superstars and yearn for a more seasonal theme, here are some suggestions for autumn and Halloween shots.Seasonal still life images are used to set the mood for end of October sales or parties/events; Lots of seasonal props for still life images are available even at the local grocery. Pumpkins, corn, acorns, autumn leaves all add interest and color to tabletop images. Go for saturated color that emphasizes the traditional colors of the season…oranges and yellows.

Click here for some clever ideas for carving pumpkins so your props will stand out. The old two eyes and jagged teeth jack o lantern, (although still my favorite…call me old-fashioned) is passé these days. But carved or not, pumpkins are also the best props for decorating porches and front steps. Seasonal decorations need to look styled and clean.

Don’t bother with shooting turning leaves unless your image is exceptional. As with any event that happens almost everywhere, the phenomena of orange and yellow leaves is much photographed. If you decide to shoot trees in autumn, take a look at the best sellers on Dreamstime to see if you can improve on them by creating a unique composition or exceptional color. Interestingly, close ups of colorful leaves are as successful as images of the entire tree.

© Piksel

Halloween best sellers are images of kids carving pumpkins or in their costumes at the door. A cautionary note: avoid costumes of copyrighted characters like Spiderman, the latest Disney creation or any character from film or TV including Harry Potter. The best images will be eager kids in homemade costumes. (Do mothers/fathers still make costumes? My personal favorite was seven year old me in homemade tails and top hat to compliment the decorated cage on top of a wagon. Inside was the poor household cat that remained unperturbed as he was pulled around from house to house. Hint: I was a lion tamer.)

Get into the details: the bag of treats, scared children (that’s always fun), the parties and the decorations. And if Halloween is a big yawn for you, go back to your lovely friends or models and get them outside dressed in fall fashions. If you live in the US: shoot a tailgate party or a football game to ensure that you have this season covered.

Photo credits: Suprijono Suharjoto, Bellemedia, Connie Larsen, Scott Patterson, Lightpainter, Maunger, Piksel, Sandra Cunningham.

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October 09, 2007


Thanks for the great tips, as usual... I Had seen this vidéo before and showed it to my daughters and all my friends' daugthers... It was good for them to see this...

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