Changing color to sell more pics...

I took a picture of the mini blinds hanging in my office the other day. They were a very plain ivory color and it didn't really look like a picture that would sell. So, I went into photoshop and changed the color of them several times. The blue one has sold 2 copies so far. I figure maybe someone might like the picture, but want a color besides blue, so I uploaded two more colors. Hopefully, they will sell too. So, there is an idea for all you photographers out there. If you have a really good abstract picture or background picture that is just not selling, try a few different colors. It worked for me!

Photo credits: Torie Mitchell/glover.

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September 19, 2007


Thanks so much Tonygers and Hobbyink for the comments!

September 19, 2007


As far as providing different hues of an image, I agree that it is something we should be able to do, so long as we don't kill the image, so to speak. If we upload an image with a small handful of different hues or crops, then I believe it can actually help some designers. But if we upload an image created in every color of the spectrum, people might get tired of looking at it! It's a very fine line to cross, in my opinion.
Personally, I like that red mini blind :)

September 19, 2007


Hey Tonygers, include me in those, please. :) We can scratch each other's backs. ;)

September 19, 2007


Every time i've tried this the other images get rejected due to being "too similer" and it's rejections like these that have gotten my Acceptance ratio to such a low 19.7% that my images are so far down any designer queries that i've now not had any sales for almost 2 weeks. Think I might have to start a new series of blogs soon entitled "A helping hand for Tonygers" :-(

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