Chasing the sun around the Eiffel tower and Paris

Sunrise over Paris

It is really fun to plan to capture a specific picture at a specific moment of the day.

For example, after a long calculation with an online sun position calculation tool, I went to Paris from Netherlands to capture a sunrise and a sunset in the middle of the Eiffel tower. It was the 4th of December 2016.

Once arrived at the shooting spot, it is always amazing to see the sun moving slowly to the position that you expected him to reach at a certain moment somewhere in your composition.

My compositions is the sun in the middle of the Eiffel tower at the sunrise and at the sunset.

Here below are the two picture I captured the same day (morning, night) at different places in Paris.

Sunrise on the Trocadero fountain water jet

Sunset over Paris

It is really magic and here below some pictures captured that day

Photo credits: Digikhmer.

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August 01, 2018


Ravishing 👏🏻

January 17, 2017



January 11, 2017


Beautiful pictures!

January 08, 2017



January 06, 2017


Fantastic :) As a french i just can appreciate. Thanks

January 05, 2017


beautiful AND clever...very nice

January 05, 2017


I admire the pictures as results but even more the dedication and planning that went into them.

January 05, 2017


great pictures :)

January 05, 2017


Lovely images! :)

January 05, 2017


Wow! It is very beautiful!

January 05, 2017


Beautiful images!

January 05, 2017


Thanks @Sheetalmittal25, @Parinmnparmar, @Helgardas

My plan want to capture the sunrise and the sunset with the sun in the middle of the tower at the same day from different places. The first picture was a morning shot at the Trocadero place. The second was captured from a famous terrace of the shopping mall in Paris.

January 05, 2017


The same place, the same sun ... at different time. Great pictures ! :)

January 05, 2017


Beautiful pictures...

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