Cheap Travel Part 2

Statue of Liberty from Brooklyn

These are fairly basic ideas, but as photographers and designers we tend to get so excited about the location of the shoot that we forget that we don't actually have to stay in the immediate area. This applies mostly to city travel. We try to choose cities that have good inexpensive public transportation.

Brooklyn Bridge

Recently, on a trip to New York to visit our daughter, we stayed in Brooklyn and had a delightful stay. She found us a fairly new budget motel in a block of all night tire shops. It turned out to be one of our most interesting trips. The block was funky but safe. We were within walking distance of the Brooklyn Bridge and Promenade. The leafy streets of Brooklyn Heights and Prospect Park were close, too. The cost of our room, which was immaculate, was half what we would have paid in Manhattan. Most of the other guests were Europeans, so that was interesting, too. The only problem we had was the first night we got a smoking room when we had asked for non-smoking. This was pleasantly corrected by the staff the next morning.

Spring in Brooklyn

We were a two block walk from wonderful restaurants. Those were also much cheaper than eating in Manhattan. A five block walk and we were on the subway line into Manhattan. Although, we didn't really feel the need to spend much time in Manhattan on this trip. I went prowling Brooklyn for unusual shots. I tried to find places that hadn't been done before. You can be in Penn Station in 20 or 30 minutes from Atlantic Avenue in Brooklyn if you need a classic New York fix. We also took the train out to Coney Island for opening weekend.

We haven't tried this in other cities yet, but I think this could easily be done in Washington, Chicago, Boston, or Atlanta, too. We've used the public transportation in all of those cities and enjoyed it. San Francisco has busses, Bart, and the trolleys.

In these days of high fuel and food prices, we may have to travel less. What we're working on is traveling smarter and not being afraid to explore new parts of familiar cities that may save us hundreds of dollars in hotel costs and meals,

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June 27, 2008

Thank you so much. Dreamstime is quickly becoming my favorite micro site.


June 27, 2008

It's great to be able to get to these out-of-the-way places. I drove a truck cross country with my husband for two years 1999-2001. As you can imagine, we ended up in some of the most "unlikely" places for photography. Unfortunately, that was way before my digital days or stock ... too bad! I DON'T think I want to go back to driving a truck, but there sure were some incredible opportunities. :-) BTW ... you know I'm a BIG fan of your fractals Pat. Hope you have great success here.


June 27, 2008

Thanks so much for the support! Yes, in most large cities it's really faster to use the public transit.


June 27, 2008

Public transit is a great way to travel in major US cities. I spent a week in both Washington D.C. and NY and getting around was easy on transit. I enjoy your blog posts - thanks!


June 27, 2008

You are so right about Brooklyn. It's the only part of NYC where I could actually live.

I keep reading message boards about sales. Everyone just keeps saying to not give up, and that it takes time to build sales and a portfolio. So I'm just plodding away at it.

Thank you for the encouragement.



June 27, 2008

I love brooklyn... mind you I love NYC all together... greatest city on earth. But Brooklyn has this off the beaten track feel while still being a stone's throw away for the madness.
Sales have been picking up for you... you have interesting work. Keep it up.