Checklist photography


Exposure? Check.

Rule of thirds? Check.

Noise? Check.

Focus? Check.

White balance? Check.

Boring? For sure.

Im a photo newbie, so the above checklist is usually quite time consuming to get past. And getting the photo technically correct is important... but for me, I usually end up with very dull shots when trying to do things "right". Hopefully this will change with experience, but at the moment its making me miss good photo opportunities.

A good example for me occurred just a few days ago. Walking past a huge brick wall in my neighborhood, I figured I could get a couple of good shots off.

Checklist init ..... boring .... boring .... boring. My gut told me to try something new, but "expert advice" kept echoing in my head:

"NEVER shot against the sun. NEVER".

So I did. I asked my boy to go stand at the end of the wall and look at me (blinded by the sun).

Exposure? Horrible. Shadows? Half the picture is pure shadow. The result? I loved it. Thankful to DT who put the image online:

Stock? We'll see .... but I doubt any of my original shots would have been useful for any buyer. This one has a part of my gut in it, and hopefully it can be found useful in a blog or article.

Ill keep studying technical articles like crazy, but dont miss out on the fun of breaking the rules.

My first blog entry, hope you found it an interesting read.

Photo credits: P0temkin.

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July 29, 2010


Although I have and am learning alot from more experienced photographers, I agree its good to be sceptical of "rules" ... since photography is changing quite rapidly as with any other media.

Thanks again for all your comments!!

July 28, 2010


about the rules,it doesn't mean you have to go after them all the times,just keep in mind how to take out the best from a picture,then let your fantasy works

July 27, 2010


I like this image! It has a surreal quality. I think you need one more item on your checklist: "Follow Your Gut" :) FYI, I also think your portfolio is anything but boring.

July 27, 2010


Great lines in that photo and I think it will sell! I really like it.

July 27, 2010


Yeah I wish the sun was lower as well... thought about extending the shadow manually for a while. And your right Thanatonautii, I shot against the sun but managed to find shade when I went for a lower angle :-)

Thanks for all your comments!

July 27, 2010


Good article and totally agreed : "NEVER shot against the sun. NEVER" is complete bullshit, the more rules you will set yourself the less creativity you will have, good pictures are a good balance of rules and intuition ;)

Great Shot !!!

July 27, 2010


rules are to breake them :)

but nice picture. If only the sun had been lower, then the man had had long shadow as well.

July 27, 2010


Nice blog, nice image, too.

July 27, 2010


Very interesting!

July 27, 2010


Funny blog article! :) The photo is great! Congrats!

July 27, 2010


Great article! :)
You did shoot against the sun, but as I can see you were standing in the shadows! Try that shoot again , and stay in the sun :D

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