Chengdu,west of China

Chengdu is,the capital of Sichuan Province,is an important commercial and financial city in China.It has an an area of 12300 square km.

It has a very long history,the ancestors of the Shupeople lived in Chengdu more than 3700years ago.It is a famous Chinese historical and cultural city,Some of its scenic spots and historical sites :Wuhou Temple Sanxingdui Museum Giant Panda breeding and research base Dujiangyan Irrigation system.

Traditionally Chengdu has been well-known for its many crafts: embroidery, lacquer ware, silver artistry, pottery, bamboo ware.

Photo credits: Feng Hui.

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August 13, 2009


The more I see China on DT the more I would like to visit!
I remember when I saw a blog about Temple of Cangyanshan, it amazed me!
Nice portfolio you have.

Cheers ;)

August 12, 2009


Thanks for sharing. I love hearing about other countries and their histories.

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