Chevrolet Stingray 2013 redesign

Few months ago Chevrolet revealed new modern Chevy Stingray c7 for the year 2013.Before it went in to the serial production,more futuristic concept showed us how it will look like in Transformers movie.I'm glad they didn't changed to much from stingray concept on final serial model.When I saw the final look of chevy stingray c7 I was amazed,but I wasn't pleased to much at first with short rear view of the car.

To build this 3d model I had side,rear and front view photos.I couldn't find top view photo,so I created with what I had.I must say it is not an easy task.The lines of this car are pretty complicated.It would be much easier for me if i had the top view,but I had to improvise it.I tried to follow the real photos,but when I saw I could make some changes,but not to spoil the car I made them.Changes were made until it was pleasing to my taste.In spare time i like to design cars,so sometimes I like to do some redesigns on my 3d models for real cars.

You can type in google "Exona concept car"where you can see my own car design concept.Designed with ferrari and lamborghini design look,but as the car fans write it is more sexy ferrari look.

Redesigned Chevy Stingray 2013 3d model was created with blender3d 2.65,until my rendering was rendered with realistic rendering engine cycles.Final image with some background effects and layer filter effects,was made with gimp 2.8.I hope you like my 3d rendering even it is not accurate new chevrolet stingray c7.

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May 06, 2013


Wow, that's cool :-)

May 01, 2013


Great work, congratulations!

May 01, 2013



April 30, 2013


Congratulations. Great job!

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Photo credits: Nikola Novak.