Child recovering from Cancer treatment

On the 08th Jan 2011 my 5 year old daughter was complaining of a pain in her tummy - right side close to her naval, so I called the doctor and he advised us to take her into hospital to check it out as possible appendicitis. To cut a long story short, we had an ultrasound scan and a growth on her right kidney was found, after lots of tests, pain and more pain, she was diagnosed with Wilm's Tumor (a cancerous growth on her right kidney) she had a CT scan, biopsy, haircut, hickman's line inserted and started chemotherapy within 1 week - nearly 3 months down the line and 8 sessions of chemotherapy and a nephrectomy (removal of right kidney) she is on the road to recovery - She will have another CT scan done next week and hopefully be given the 'all clear' - it's been a very tough,difficult journey but we have been the lucky ones - my daughter still lives to tell her story.

I pray for all those who are suffering or have loved ones suffering from this dreadful disease that you/they will be able to see light at the end of the tunnel as we are now seeing.

Photo credits: Frantab01.

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What are all these prayers good for? The good Lord is responsible for this - maybe the prayers should be in advance? I sincerily hope your daughter will overcome what the good Lord have suffered upon her! Why - Lord?


She is full of life. Good luck and best wishes Frantab01 for you and your daughter!


What a beautiful smile and beautiful eyes.


Very sad. I wish you good luck, faith and courage!


what a shame that allow doctors to torture her with chemical poisons!


The face and the smile of your daughter touched my heart. Everyone on earth is here for a purpose. I think your daughter has a purpose too. She got a huge heart and personality. May the blessings be to you and your daughter!


Best wishes for a cancer free future! Your daughter is a very beautiful, brave little girl!


Wishing you all the best for your family especially your daughter !!


My wife is also on the road to recovery after her second cancer (chondro-sarcoma) it has been a very tough and difficult few years but i am so lucky that i still have the love of my life with me.So thanks for sharing your beautiful story and my prayers and thoughts i send to you and your family and to all those that suffer from cancers.
Best wishes xx


my daugther too had an experience with KAPOSIS sarcoma cancer; she went through all the treatment, the only effect now she lives with is that her left leg is bigger than the right one. sometimes it swells when she sit long hours in class, other days the size reduces almost to the one of the right leg. But she has maintained a happy and hopeful mood. She prays a lot and believes that one day she wants to be a children's doctor specialising in treating cancer in children. Her dream will come true byt eh grace of God!


I wish a quick and full recovery to your daughter - may this be a story to tell her grandchildren!


What a beautiful child and a blessing from God. I will keep your daughter and you in my prayers. Thank you for sharing your story. You are both courageous spirits.


hoping the best for your daughter and you!


Best wishes to you and the family. For what it's worth my mate Gareth had a Wilm's Tumour when he was a boy. Now he's a 32 year old successful doctor. So hope you have the same good fortune with your daughter.


I don't speak a good English. Ti auguro il miglior mondo possibile, dolce sorriso.
good lucky


It makes me feel very sad that your daughter is so ill. I wish her that she fully recovers.


Quote: "All the praying for your daughter & hopefully this story will stay only to tell! Have faith ;)"


You and your beautiful daughter will be in my thoughts and prayers. Keep the faith and I know you will give us a happy update next week.

Hugs to you both...


I'm so sad that your daughter (and family) is going through this. I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers. Your daughter has a beautiful smile!


What a beautiful child. I can't imagine the pain that you have been through with her and hope that in the future there is only good news. xx


You have such a lovely daughter. I hope she recovers fully soon.


All the praying for your daughter & hopefully this story will stay only to tell! Have faith ;)


The smile on your daughter's face says it all.
She will go a long way with that positive attitude.
God bless her.


She is a brave girl! Your fate makes me very sad...


nice pics


Such a brave and beautiful little girl. I wish her full recovery and a long and happy life. A big hug to you too, it must have been terrible for you and your family to see your daughter suffer through the operation and through chemo, and so scary too.


So much in such a short period of time, and yet I look at your daughter's face, and see such a wonderful smile. That in itself is a lesson to be learned by all of us. I share in the sentiment..and will say a special prayer for your daughter and your family. Please do let us know how things are going, and when or if you are in need of a virtual hug.


Dear friend.
Even if you don't know us, having never met nor seen us, please keep in mind that we feel for you and your family. All our hopes that the hard times are left behind. Best wishes for the young lady to live a long and fruitful life.


May God bless you all and keep you strong. I donate to St Jude's Hospital for Children. My next donation will be with your daughter in mind. Stay strong,


Oh my goodness, Frantab01. I'm so very sorry about your daughter's illness. My thoughts and prayers will be with you and your family. Will you please update us with news? *hugs*

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