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I have a 11 year old nephew who is a good kid but at that age where we got to keep em in check. Smart on the computer and adept, somewhat addicted, at video games. Outdoors didnt play much into his life. Well this bothered me to some extent as the balance was not there. Too much priority to non productive video games.

Well one day he was at my home and I was showing him the work of myself and other contributors here at DT. Showed him how to use my camera a bit and how post processing works and can be fun using the effects. "If it aint fun a kid wont do it". He had a ball! Sometimes we as adults take the fun outta stuff and take things too serious. He was so excited he could not stop talking about photography to anyone with a ear.

Well.....I bought him his first Point and Shoot! Now we cant keep him indoors and the video games are collecting dust! He dabbles in post processing, I got him Gimp for free, and what is really facinating to me is seeing the world through a child eye. Things we as adults maybe have lost sight of.

To make this story short by exposing him to DreamsTime and getting him his own camera he found a new productive, educational and safe hobby! His friends all want cameras now, unlike some kids who want guns and knives. They want to start a camera club, not a gang. And they gets tons of exercise by being outdoors all the time snapping away!

So if anyone is hesitant about getting a kid a camera and introducing them to photography...dont wait as the benefits we may not see are great.

I would like to thank the fine contributors and DreamsTime for the parts they played in this kids new found interest as you have all roles of examples for me to present to him.

You will be seeing him down the road but I have a feeling his gifts from Uncle are gonna get more and more expensive! Worth every dime.


Photo credits: Jvecc1.

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You are so right about teaching children photography. I am amazed at the children I have worked with...they compose well, help with lighting. One even tried to understand a histogram. (These are children under 10!) My friend's son helped me set up the lighting for my last assignment shot. I even used one of his suggestions.


Good morning to you too Jvecc1!Now I have understood the meaning of this english term :-) !
I'm not so young as you think ...In the past, I had also used pen and paper to write to my far friends and I still remember how beautiful it was waiting for the answer!!!

p.s. Could I know your real name? :-)


Morning Francy. Your too young to have used the expression "Pen Pal" ;). See at one time before computers and E-Mail, back in history, people would write letters to each other by actually using a pen or pencil, paper, envelope and a stamp! Can you believe it?! All that hard work. LOL. Children too would write to other children in other hand using these forgotton primitive methods. So in short "Pen Pal" would mean to write by hand letters to a friend at a distance. Now replaced by what we know as E-Mail. Sometimes I wonder if kids today can do such a thing or how well their penmanship and spelling is.

And your English is wonderful.


Ok for glass of wine! But I do not know the meaning of "Pen Pals". Sorry for my bad english but could you explain me better? Ciao :-)))


Thanks All for the kind comments and im glad many of you feel as I do but we need more much more. It dont even have to be your kid. I had a parent of my Nephews friend call me and tell me his daughter wants a camera now, what kind should he get her he asked. That was best call I got today. Made me feel good that my nephew got someone else involved. I allowed my nephew, with me of course with him, to view many of our contributors photos of children from other nations. What he said was really wonderful....He said "Uncle all the kids in other countries look just like the kids in our country". Yep they do Nephew ;)
Think about it



Awesome, story! We as adults are way to serious, especially when we start trying to sell our images. I let my son play with our point and shoot to try and encourage him to be creative. Just maybe he might develop an interest in photography or other art. I think saying 'yes' is much better than saying 'no' when kids pick up a camera (provided it is not the new DSLR), wish someone had given me that opportunity at an earlier age.


I love to see children with cameras, as I have said before in other posts, I let my children use my camera. They do have their own point and shoot, but Mummy's is better. It's lovely to see the world as they see it.

The other day I was teaching Patrick how to do a long exposure, playing adding light with a touch, In the end he sounded like a pro, turn this way, turn that way, I'll just add a little more flash. Not bad when you think he is only 6


Francy In your post you said "Maybe in a few years we will have a "Jvecc2"?" We will see but dont you think we should maybe have a few glasses of wine first? Pen Pals maybe? Or is there something I dont know!!!!;))))))))0)


Thank you Mariaam. Better to shoot with a camera then with guns. I hope many of our contributors share their passion with not only their own children but others as well. You know just as kids get obsessed with video games adults too get obsessed with their own hobbies and interests. And where is the kid? Seperate rooms. Share your interests with a kid and all that may change and bring that child closer. "Share" is a powerful word and a wonderful tool. Photography is perfect for a child as it ever expanding, creative and productive. Mind stimulating, stirring the imagination. Put that kid behind the camera instead of in front of it now and then.


This is a beautiful story! I´m so happy that your nephew enjoys photographing, spends most of the time outdoor and forgot about the video games !!! Well done, Jvecc1.


I thought so too Almaterra. Though the vision is mine I would be honored if some of the great talent of our contributors could put this idea into photos. Perhaps light a fire, so to speak, to get more adults and companies involved in creating a positive productive alternative path for our children to follow through photography.

Maybe DT could lend some support but either way I am doing my part. Always thinking of ways to do more. Thats my profile pic! ;)

Thanks to All



Interesting theme.


Be nice if some of these Big Time camera companies would donate those older model cameras they have collecting dust to some less fortunate children whos families cant afford to buy them one. I donate almost everything and i deliver it by hand so i know it goes to the right place. I would be more then happy to participate in such distribution, for free, if a company would even respond.


Children around the world are like this? Video games or watching TV is their greatest pleasure. . . . . . You have done well. We should let the children feel that they are more conducive to the growth of other things. Good luck!


Thank you Francesca, These children today are missing out on much that this world has to offer and I am very pleased he is so excited about photography.Perhaps I will take him someday to my families roots home town of Messina in Sicily, which I recall visiting as a child, to encourage him evem more. We as adults complain much about the kids today but it is our responsibility to at least show them alternatives that they may not be aware of. For him it was DT and the fine work of contributors such as yourself.

Today is a good day,



Hello Jvecc1! You have done a nice gift to your nephew! You are right, unfortunately, today children spend much time watching TV, playing videogames or pc games. Sometimes they need someone to teach them to do more, specially outdoor. Maybe in a few years we will have a "Jvecc2"?
Ciao, Francesca

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