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Children playing in adults

Children playing in adults accessories are adorable. In Polish TV there is a program called “Super Nanny” it shows some of families that have problems with taking control of their children behavior. In a lead of this program there is a girl almost exactly as this one showed on photo, little girl playing with mother’s accessories shoes, clothes and other things. I think it is very cute not showing the bad behavior but big imagination of childe.

© Paha_l
I search DT for other like this and find some kids playing with mobile phones and laptop not so unusual behavior. My brother son have only five months when he learned how to turn on computer, of course he did not know how to use it but still is amazing in that age. Some time ago three years old child have call on an ambulance by mobile phone because his mother faint and lay on a floor unconscious.

Children are learning so quickly that it seems that every child will be a genius in adult lives. Maybe it is a matter that they have more perspectives then we had in their age or just world is changing so fast in technology and equipments on their eyes and they have no problem to accept it just do what their parents are doing.

© Anetta
Give your child a camera:)

Photo credits: Anette Romanenko, Pavel Losevsky, Kristian Sekulic, Oleg Kozlov.

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October 15, 2008


I have no doubt in that Michael.

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