Chillon Castle in Switzerland now a Trade Mark

The Swiss press announced today that Chillon Castle, known by anglo-saxons because of the "Prisoner of Chillon" book by Lord Byron, and Switzerland's most visited monument, has now become a Trade Mark.

What is interesting, is that it's not just the name "Château de Chillon" (and I guess its translation into a number of languages) that is protected, but also two particular "graphical representations" of the castle: when viewed from the Montreux side and when viewed from the Villeneuve side.

So commercial usage of those images of Chillon Castle is now the exclusive right of the foundation that takes care of the castle.

That's a first in Switzerland, and I believe that it opens the floodgates for other monuments. I guess this is already the case for several landmarks and monuments around the world, so we're just following the trend...

Other views of the castle (such as the one from the lake, which is not the most recognizable one) are apparently not covered by this, so commercial usage of those might still be possible. Obviously, editorial usage is still possible.

DT may want to have a look at the RF images of Chillon that are available on the site (there are quite a few), just to avoid trouble. In any case, if you are on holiday in Switzerland and want to take pictures of Chillon, you now know that you will have to be creative or just sell as editorial...

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March 16, 2011


Thanks for useful information.

March 14, 2011


Too bad there is no centralized point where you can find information about copyrights. Maybe Dreamstime could make a list, it doesn't have to be complete but it would be better than nothing.

Thanks for the info.

March 10, 2011


Thanks! Maybe DT could start turing all the images of Chillon as editorial... I think the article could use a reference, so here it is (only in French for the moment, but I'm sure tomorrow will be found somewhere in English):

March 10, 2011


Thanks for sharing!

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Photo credits: Dan Breckwoldt, Marie Sprunger.