Between China ancient emperors and hatred -Operatic Fu Shan to Beijing

Fu Shan Beijing reflects the Fu Shan in Beijing, to be a true story of the words learned macro. This drama has the characteristic of the thought and the art, has awarded the national endowment for the arts for the year 2015 communication funded project to promote the, Chinese opera academy award, Chinese Drama Festival Award for outstanding drama award.

Starring drama and Chinese Drama Plum Blossom Prize twice winner, famous Jinju female Laosheng Xie Tao, to the superb performances, generous vigorous cavity, deep skills of acting, fully demonstrated the Fu Shan heart stirring and between Kangxi and complex contest.

Play prominent performance of the Fushan, pay attention to people's livelihood, promote democracy, promote people and not cowed flexor of the spirit, especially Mr. claims against slavery, advocating freedom and equality, respect for the independent personality, marketplace base husband and thought, in the feudal monarchy society amounts to a thunderclap, with epoch-making significance.

The evening of April 15, 2016, Jin Ju Fu Shan Beijing in Jiangxi province art center staged.

Photo credits: Mengtianhan.

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April 25, 2016


Ha ha, thank you very much you can see and reply to me, I will continue to recommend the stage show art from China to everyone, please continue to pay attention to me

April 19, 2016


Not so easy to understand for us westernes (I have been to Beijing watching chinese drama) - still very very fashinating :-)

April 19, 2016


Nice pictures. BTW, is this article translated by robot?

April 19, 2016


Very good!

April 18, 2016


Beautiful pics.

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