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The village is called Fenghuang, which is located in Hunan province, China. It is an ancient village, because it retains the thing of the past, its architectural style and folk customs have not changed, it is one of the original village, if you come here to play, can understand China historical culture and the humanities. Images of the river is the core, every day people around this river of life, it is the source of the river water for people, on both sides of the housing, is not good because the distance near the river, the life of people more humid.

This photo is my night stand on the bridge, take the whole village layout with a high angle. Is the night scene here is very beautiful, but also very quiet village. I took this picture to my friends as a computer desktop, they are like. If your friends are like the oriental culture, you can give them as gifts.

Photo credits: Le Zhang.

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April 10, 2014


Beautiful image. thank you

April 09, 2014


Beautiful image.

April 05, 2014


Nice night view!

April 05, 2014


Beautiful picture for colors and exposition!

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