China's National Day

Chinese national day. 2009

National Day of China. 2009

China's National Day,it is the 60th anniversary of the founding of The People's Republic of China on October 1.

Red lanterns in the New Year.

Pleasant night scene

Chinese Government has held the large-scale military review in this morning , it is holding a grand revelry on Tiananmen Square now.

Forbidden City.

Eave of the imperial palace.

Skyscrapers and red lanterns

We will have an eight-day holidays during the National Day,

pleasant autumn climate in Beijing.I was ready to enjoy the holiday with my family .

Photo credits: Linqong.
  • Linqong
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October 06, 2009

Hey there Linqong.
As i am working in Suzhou (SIP) near Shanghai i was planning to go to Beijing.
Unfortunately i was to late to get a train ticket.
So i flew to Hong Kong and saw the fireworks there over Victoria harbour.
Beautiul, but i would loved to have been on one of the floats in the parade, imagine what type of pictures you could take from there!

Beautiful pictures of Beijing and happy holiday.

Best regards,



October 06, 2009

Thank you so much!


October 06, 2009



October 02, 2009

Thank you for susan & Desislava!
Thanks a lot for everyone!


October 02, 2009

Absolutely beautiful, once again!


October 02, 2009

Great colors! Have a nice celebration!


October 01, 2009

Nice images, great colors, enjoy the celebrations.


October 01, 2009

Great images! Enjoy your holiday. Autumn is my favorite time of year too :0)


October 01, 2009

It's always an honor to celebrate your country! Have a great day!
Cheers ;)


October 01, 2009

Nice images! Happy anniversary!


October 01, 2009

I only saw these images on the Television News today and thought to myself "Wow! These would made great Dreamstime images" so I'm glad someone was there to capture them!


October 01, 2009

Wishing you a very pleasant holiday -- great photos!


October 01, 2009

Thank you for Dragos and Aginger:)
Autumn is the golden season in Beijing, a very comfortable season.
If you have the time or have a chance, Welcome to Beijing in the autumn.


October 01, 2009

Enjoy - and great pics!


October 01, 2009

Yes, I was listening the radio in the morning when I heard about China's National Day, a great day especially since China is an economic power!

Great photos!


October 01, 2009

Great compositions!