China's seal

China's seal cutting art is rich and colorful, an important factor among them, enter pretty figure to print characters in work. Because of age-old development and development, the body of book of the Chinese characters is complicated and changeable, have abundant artistry. Divided into really, the grass, subordinate to, the seal character according to ; According to art, various s have different s of writing. Just because the Chinese characters have these characteristics, just make China print (seal cutting) this door and regard writing the form in characters as and display traditional art of the content, abundant, with its source not exhausted.

In westerner's view, China is a remote and mysterious country, have peculiar and surprised social system and life . So on explaining on the seal design only, they hope to see a great deal of pattern and legends and morals attached with characteristic tradition of China even more, the statement and stressing the more, they feel more worth even more. So, general , such as the simple cylinder form and square form seal, they do not catch a cold very much. Observe according to author, except that the exquisite top-grade seal to model is interested in they, still favor the seal in the of the ancients of China even more, especially that kind of chapter in the of the ancients of maximization, I guess their idea is: If has bought, having bought back Chinese history, it was remote old civilization that concentrated on that, peculiar mysterious characters like book from heaven of following seal cutting.

Photo credits: Linqong.


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March 21, 2008


Interesting history and the seals are very pretty. :)

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