China is Selling!

Last Summer I was in China, beautiful place.

While there I experienced the drastic change the country is going through.... or has been going through the last five or so years. I traveled through the country for over a month and had the opportunity to capture many beautiful images.

I bring this up because many of my images were taken in china and THEY ARE SELLING! In the last week it has been AT LEAST THREE A DAY not counting weekends.

I ask myself if this is because the Olympics are here and the images are in high demand..... are western countries using them for promoting travel to China? or are the Chinese downloading the images as well as uploading them?

I expect many more China and Olympics/Beijing images to sell.

I have noticed that many of the new photographers on Dreamstime are from china, Welcome all! and can't wait to see all the great photos taken at the Olympic events.

© Hbh
© Hbh
© Hbh

Photo credits: Wayne Zhou, Chang Yi Cao, Hbh, Alain Lacroix, Jorisvo, Salvador Ceja.

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October 13, 2008


Welcome that you come China again.Your images very beautiful.

August 05, 2008


I compare like at night city, I hoped that later can carry on the photographic aspect the exchange .

August 02, 2008


Hi, good friend of China! We need your support all the time! Not only to Olympic, but also to our Beijing, to our lovely motherland, China! :-)

August 02, 2008


Thanks for your using my image, that image did win a lot of downloads.
China is ready for the Olympic games, welcome to China, welcome to Beijing.

August 02, 2008


I am from Beijing, I like your picture.
Welcome that you come Beijing again.

August 01, 2008


One world, one dream!Beijing Olympic Games belong to the world!

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