From the China visual impact----Dynamic and static combination

This is an ancient village in Hunan province China, here still retains the ancient buildings and living habits, customs, so every year to attract large numbers of tourists. This bridge is the name of "Hongqiao" founded in 1368 - 1398 years, which has 600 years of history.

The bridge in 1966 to 1976 were destroyed, now the bridge is designed according to the original repair.

I feel like a photo only one bridge pictures will be more monotonous, then under the bridge after a ship brought me inspiration, I used a long time exposure to show motion of ship, and in stark contrast with the static bridge, make people see the screen has a visual impact, feel things rapidly after. I use the nostalgic to show its sense of history.

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April 14, 2014


Really nice, thanks for sharing =)

April 11, 2014


Good idea

April 10, 2014


thank you

April 09, 2014


Beautiful images, good luck.

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Photo credits: Le Zhang.