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This is China Tiantan Park, this picture is the landmark building, built in 1420. It is a 32.72 meter diameter circular building, gold treasure blue tile three saving spire, layers of income, total 38 meters high. The hall has 28 large columns nanmu, inner four root meaning of four seasons, the middle of a circle of 12 root meaning 12 months. Here every day, there are a lot of world to tourists to visit, because here is to visit Beijing attractions worth.

This palace is the role of worship God, because the ancient people believed that God will bring the good life for people, this is a holy place. This palace morphology after hundreds of years has not changed.

Want to take this one no one photo is very difficult, because there are tourists, I was taken when it is closed, when the staff have been in pursuit of photographers.

Photo credits: Le Zhang.

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April 23, 2014


Its a beautiful place and you can be happy to visit it without crowds of people!

April 14, 2014


Really nice, thanks for sharing

April 14, 2014


Beautiful place, good luck with your image.

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