Chinese Calligraphy

Calligraphy is part of Chinese culture. It is hard to handle it, using a soft brush pen to writing “powerful” word. It needs more than several years for normal people, the artist will spend his lifetime for learning.

But now, our life is more and more digital. TV, computer, internet... Young people pay more attention to the fashion things, Type the word on the keyboard will be easier! Who will spend few years to learn the calligraphy?

When I was young, I start to learn it. But it is interrupted by the busy daily life. Now I start to re-exercise it.

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Thanks for all.


nice shots, and a beautiful art


Very good theme,


I think it is so important to keep the old skills alive. If you think about it, some day film photography and processing will also be an art that will become rare.


It fascinate me so much that some time ago I tried to learn chinese and to write ideograms, but it revealed too difficult!


Am Italian, but two years ago, in a Chinese stand festival, I have tried to write my name with that brush ...:D the result... impossible to read...
Very good job and good luck for your calligraphy!


the words very beautiful, I want to learn calligraphy, but never to begin.

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