Chinese culture of door

Door, since is the outside of the house to repair, again is independent building-a people reside of roll ridge gate tower,in lane of the is whole,the gate to a monastery of the temples,all the city gate building son of the .Special China building.Turn, all the more special because of"door".The temple door doornail with huge top, horizontal nine s 9,99811, such as convex sign of writing, condense a big article of the Chinese traditional culture.The house door comes absolute being dominant, double the double guard a gate, time immemorial first the people's concerning the myth world think, through endless time of

1000400 draw, final text for wear the shape of the armor.The stone lion before the door, what is meant by"13 protect too"?"Stone in Mount Taishan deserving", gets the function of"the is reside by people";The vulgar speech way"pig primer, the 100 blessings attain", day the festival that increases years a person to increase a life in, the gathers the fatty pig arched door paper cutting of the treasure basin, stick up house door.Counteract evil force ah, pray ah, get rid of bad ah, face ah, the door did ancient manners again now vulgar exhibition set.

The door of China, also send a story of living"open sesame".The door of China, create the legend that leaves to dig the Dragon gate carp to jump more.The former reflected to investigate the spirit need of, the latter expressed to surmount the desire of the ego.The door of China, also arrange in order a superstition of jaws of death, scare ignorant of timidity of person.

Photo credits: Chinaphoto163.

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