Chinese Font

Today I would like to teach all of you how to write the Chinese font for "workshop". Please see the following picture...

© Alvinku ( Help)

Any one would like to know more our Chinese fonts, please don't hesitate to contact me.. I am willing to teach...

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September 27, 2009


also 工作室。。。 nice pic。

September 25, 2009


Haha... no exam.. Thank for all of you

September 25, 2009


The question is: are there any exams?! If the answer is yes, don't count on me :P
That's nice of you!
Cheers ;)

September 25, 2009


For my chinese characters and letters were always a mistery!

September 25, 2009


Another translation for workshop is 工作坊。 :)

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Photo credits: Alvinku.