Chinese Food

This is the first I took the picture of chinese food. For it is the first time, I found that taking a pciture of food is very difficult. You need to prepare a lot of equipments. It need to control the light very well. When I took the picture in a very open area, it is so hard to deal with the nature light and the indoor light.

But taking picture of food is a very interesting thing. We always are accustomed to taste the dainty and will not focus on how nice the food is. So to find the beautiful view of the food is very interesting.

© Fjord
© Fjord

Photo credits: Wenyan Wu.


chinese food

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hi,i'm teresa ,i'm a student in zhejiang province´╝îi have some questions about the dreamstime,i need your help,please send me an e-mail OK? Looking forward to your reply thanks a lot!!


I think if there are appropriate condition, it will be much more easier. May be you can take the picture of food in your studio. But I think if you need to take the pictures in a very complex condition, it will be a big issue. But I also have a little experience of it. If it can help you, it's my pleasure.


Wow. Thanks for the information. I never thought that taking pictures of food would be like that difficult. I thought you just put the food in front of the camera and click and your on your way. But anyways, thank you very much for the information. I will try to take pictures. But first, I have to buy the materials using my credit cards. Thank you very much for the information. It would be a challenge to me.

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