Chinese Hot Pot

instant-boiled slices of mutton,dip-boiled mutton

According to the legend, Genghis Khan, the first emperor of Yuan Dynasty, once led his army for an expedition in a severe winter. Due to urgent military situation, the soldiers had no time to do the cooking. Hitting upon an idea in emergency, they butchered sheep, cut the mutton in half-frozen slices with saber, and put them into pots filled with boiling water. The deliciousness of the mutton boiled instantly made the soldiers feel their spirits buoyed up and, therefore, defeated the enemy quickly with redoubled courage. Since then, the way of cooking instant-boiled mutton spread far and wide in China.

There is an old restaurant near the Temple of Heaven's south door.The instant boiled mutton cooked in hot pot there is very authentic.

If you came china,you should be there and regale on it.

Photo credits: Zhang Liwei.

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I very like this food. But in Malaysia can't find.


Interesting story, although I am not sure I would enjoy boiled mutton, I would probably try it if I were ever to visit.

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