Chinese mouse year. 2008

My English is not good, but I want to introduce in New Year in China for everybody very much.

The Spring Festival. It is the Spring Festival in China on February 7. It is " mouse " year of China too. Although have over half of a month from now to the Spring Festival, you will find, regardless of the street of China, in everybody's family, the preparation that has all begun to celebrate the New Year ...

Occupy very important position in the minds of Chinese on the Spring Festival, on the Spring Festival, people revel for one night, just like western Christmas Day. The whole family have dinner together, the children can also get the money given to children as a lunar New year gift. By zero hour at mid-night, the whole family also want the drinking water dumpling. Very lively, very warm. The next morning, would go to the neighbour's to pay New Year call, A happy New Year to them. During the Spring Festival, have a rich and colorful activity all over China, for example, temple fair. Wait a moment in lantern fair ...I will introduce for everybody in detail next time.

Photo credits: Linqong.

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January 25, 2008


Paper-cut art of China is a present in Chinese New Year too.


January 24, 2008


Comment by Bobwyo on January 23, 2008
Gung hay fat choy! (Sorry, I do not know this in Pinyin!)

:)"Gung hay fat choy!" it mean "May you be prosperous!"in Chinese.

January 23, 2008


Gung hay fat choy! (Sorry, I do not know this in Pinyin!)

January 22, 2008


Your English is much better than my Chinese, so I congratulate you. Also I love your illustration - such a cheerful mouse!

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