Chinese New Year

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It is approaching the Chinese New Year soon, an occasion celebrated around the world wherever there are Chinese people.

And the orange or tangerine is a symbol associated with the event.

It is a visual pun for the word gold in the Chinese language, even in its various dialects, and thus meaning wealth or prosperity.

And here it is pictured on a red background, instead of white, as red is the colour for auspiciousness or good luck.

(White on the other hand is a color of mourning and death.)

The image was made in natural light, with the tangerine placed on a red background beside a window.

The soft early morning light casts gentle shadows to the side while giving the picture a warm radiant glow.

A large negative space was also left in the picture. Compositionally it is well balanced as it is, but it also gives designers room to put anything to make this picture work for them.

Photo credits: Lawrence Wee.

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